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Stella Tansengco-Schapero

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Hong Kong artist Stella Tansengco-Schapero is a Filipina of Chinese descent.  She has presented her work at a solo show "Art Without Borders" at the Ayala Museum in Manila, Philippines in 2009, and at the Beyond Borders exhibits sponsored by Philippine Association of Hong Kong at the Philippine Consulate.


Stella creates mixed media collages/assemblages, balancing images and works of favorite artists with antique and craft finds and other found objects.  Her early works evoke the colors and textures of Orientalism and mid-19th to early 20th century Asia.  The composites reflect a multi-cultural Philippines, with its strong Spanish, American, Chinese and Islamic influences, and nostalgia for old Asia built up during Stella's many years in New York and London.  Her recent work has a social realism streak addressing social and political concerns in the Philippines, always with wit and underpinned by a strong optimism that better times are coming.


Stella now divides her time between Hong Kong and Manila.