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Abigail Camaya-Hills

Square Square

Gail has been painting on porcelain since 2003.  She is a member of the International Porcelain Artist and Teachers Association (IPAT-USA) and the Hong Kong Porcelain Painting Club (HKPPC), and has been a regular exhibitor with the HKPCC since 2004.


She continually improves her porcelain painting skills by attending various painting classes with world-renowned porcelain painters such as Peter Faust from Switzerland, Rumi Agawa from Japan, Di Curtin and Josephine Robinson from Australia, Than Duc Hong from Norway and Andreas Knobi from Germany, among others.


She likes to paint in her own unique style which requires delicate details using gold enamel, lustre and transparency paint.  Each painting may take up to seven firings in a high temperature kiln and nothing can beat the sheer excitement of waiting to collect the plate to see the fired effect.  Unfortunately, there is sometimes disappointment when the desired effect does not come into fruition as sometimes red colours turn to black, light colours fade or the enamel goes flat.  Still, Gail plods along and is challenged even more to produce another work of art.


Gail's artworks are sold only at charity fund raising events. She joined the Beyond Borders exhibit sponsored by the Philippine Association of Hong Kong at the Philippine Consulate.